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Read Machen

I recently launched a new website: readmachen.com. The site started as a digitization of the bibliography of Machen’s worked published in Pressing Towards the Mark (sadly out of print) by James Dennison and Grace Mullen. This bibliography is 25 pages long and lists nearly 400 books, articles, sermons, and letters from J. Gresham Machen published over the last 100 years.

The online version allows you to see the data in ways the print version doesn’t; for example, you can view publications by year or by source. I have also included the full text content for as many articles as possible, and, for Machen’s books, I’ve provided links to where you can buy copies.

I welcome any feedback you have on this bibliographic website; in particular, if you notice any errors, missing pieces, or know where I can get digital editions of any the original sources, please let me know.

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Joe B. Hopper’s Draft Card

My grandfather was born in May 17, 1921 in Kwangju, Korea; he was the perfect age to have served in the Second Wold War, but the draft board gave him an exception because he’d been taken under care of the Concord Presbytery of the PCUS in fall 1939; he was told to continue his studies at Davidson College.

Here is his draft registration card from 1941:

Notably his “person who will always know your address” was Dr. C. Darby Fulton, Executive Secretary of Foreign Missions of the PCUS. Fulton, a missionary kid himself, had served as a missionary to Japan and preached at my grandfather’s baptism service on June 26, 1921. We would serve as the Executive Secretary from 1932 to 1961.

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Blackstone Presbyterian Church

The story of Dorothy Longenecker's employment at Blackstone Presbyterian Church and how she came to be married there.

The story of Dorothy Longenecker's employment at Blackstone Presbyterian Church and how she came to be married there.   Read More

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Life and Ministry with Irfon Hughes

Yesterday, I sat down with my dear friend and former pastor Irfon Hughes to discuss his life and minstry. Pastor Hughes was born in 1942 in Wales and served as a minister for 50 years in 6 congregations in Wales, England, and the United States. Most recently, he was pastor of my church Shiloh Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Raleigh, NC.

The interview is split up into two parts, roughly consisting of his ministry in the United Kingdom in the first part and in the United States in the second part. I hope you enjoy hearing about how the Lord used this man for so many years. Press ️the ▶ buttons below to listen.

You can also download mp3 files for part 1 and part 2.

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Ten Years of ‘Christ the Center’

I discovered the Reformed Forum’s flagship podcast Christ the Center during Thanksgiving Break of 2008 from Reformation21’s mention of Carl Trueman’s interview on A Brief History of Trinitarian Thought. I listened to the interview on my iPod while raking my parents’ leaves. I enjoyed and benefited from the episode and immediately went back to my computer to subscribe.

Earlier that year, I’d graduated from college and moved away from the church where I’d been introduced to confessional presbyterianism; I had joined another PCA congregation but was still working out where my theological commitments lay. Ten years later, I have listened to nearly every Christ the Center episode produced. From it, I have learned more about Scripture, God, theology, church history, and many other topics; it has helped shape me as a person, Christian, church member, deacon, husband, and father.

Many of my favorite episodes have been historical:

The list of historical episodes could go on and on. Moreover, Christ the Center has helped me understand apologetics, union with Christ, Vos’s Biblical Theology, ecclesiology, and more.

I look forward to the next ten years of growth through the resources provided by the Reformed Forum. Thank you to Camden Bucey, Jeff Waddington, Jim Cassidy, Glen Clary, Jared Oliphint, Darryl Hart, Lane Tipton, and the many guests who have played an important role in my life from afar; I’m grateful for your selfless service to Christ’s church. I pray the Lord continues to bless your efforts.

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