Bible, Confession, and Firearms

Jane Allen was born on March 15, 1755 in Augusta County, VA to a family of Scots-Irish immigrants. She would marry Revolutionary War veteran James Trimble and, in 1784, they would migrate to Fayette County, Kentucky, where they they received a land grant in return for James’ wartime service.

In a memoir of Jane written by her grandson, he describes departure from Staunton, VA over the Appalachian mountains:

The families met, according to agreement, in Staunton, October 1st. All rode upon horses and upon others were placed the farming and cooking utensils, beds and bedding, wearing apparel, and provisions, and last, but not least the libraries, containing two Bibles, half a dozen Testaments, the Catechism, the Confession of Faith of the Presbyterian Church, and the Psalms of David. Each man and boy carried his rifle and ammunition, and each woman her pistol, for their long journey was mostly through a wilderness, and that infested by savages.

My ancestors followed the same journey (if not in the same party!). Major William Dunlap II (1743–1816) was also from Augusta County, VA and would die in Fayette County, KY. William II had son named William III (1779–1844) who had a daughter named Mary Jane (1814–1906) who married Joseph Hopper (1782–1860). Their son George Dunlap Hopper (1848–1913) is my great-great grandfather.