Questions I’m Asking

I’ve run the Twitter account @pres_history for the last 5 years. I mostly use it to tweet posts from Today in OPC History and This Day in Presbyterian History, but I occasionally share other things I’m discovering and questions I’m asking.

Since Twitter tends to be ephimeral, I compiled a list of question I’ve asked over the last 3 years; most of them I still don’t have answers for.

  • What are good sources on this history of church music in American presbyterianism?
  • What was the first hymnal to include the Westminster Confession in the back?
  • Who was the first PCUSA General Assembly moderator that wasn’t of Scottish descent?
  • What seminary did the Associated Reformed Church have in 1796? (It was in NYC.)
  • Is there demographic research on the ecclesiastical affiliations of Scots who migrated to Ulster in the 17th century?
  • Does anyone know of a list of RPCES ministers who were received into the PCA?
  • What was the relationship of Francis Makemie and the Church of Scotland?
  • Can anyone recommend sources on the history of Canadian presbyterianism?
  • Does anyone know anything about J. Gresham Machen’s study guide to Galatians?
  • Is there a reliable source for membership numbers of American presbyterianism prior to 1925?
  • What are good sources on the debates over Isaac Watts’ hymnal in presbyterian churches in the American South?
  • Is there a good source on the history of the publication of the red Trinity Hymnal somewhere? .
  • Is anyone aware of any historical research on early American churches meeting in brush arbors?
  • Starting to put together a timeline of the theonomy movement from the 70s to 90s. What are the key events? And what are the best sources on this topic?`
  • Are you aware of other historical (vs polemical) sources on the topic of political dessent in the RPCNA (beyond the RPCNA Synod Minutes)?
  • I’m interested in the history of Presbyterianism in York County, SC. If anyone knows of good resources please pass them along.
  • I’ve been trying to find biographical information on early Free Church of Scotland minister John G. Lorimer with 0 success. If anyone has any tips, please let me know.
  • If anyone has ideas of how to get access to Machen’s articles from the PCUSA “The Presbyterian” magazine, I’m all ears.
  • What is a good source on understanding the 17th century struggles over church government and worship in the Church of England? With answers!
  • What was the relationship between the 17th-century Ulster presbyteries and the Church of Scotland?
  • What are the best sources on they history of the Covenanter and Seceder churches in America?