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Below are links to several websites I have built “for building up the body of Christ”. If you have feedback, feel free to contact me.

— Tim Hopper

Twitter Accounts

A Twitter account sharing quotes from John Newton. Quotes compiled by me and Tony Reinke.

A Twitter account to share Today in OPC History from and This Day in Presbyterian History from the PCA Historical Center. Also available on Facebook.

A Twitter account to share quotes from J. Gresham Machen.

Other Websites

A collection of writings on the theology and practice of the office of diaconate (particularly in the context of Reformed churches).

A website to follow Dr. Joseph Pipa’s Calendar of Readings in the Westminster Standards. Includes a Twitter account, Facebook page, and an email list, each of which is updated with a new reading each day.

A podcast about the behind-the-scenes of the life and operation of a church. Waiting Tables exists to help ease logistical hurdles to free your church to focus on its mission.

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