Wedding announcement for Joseph Hopper and Annis Barron.

My great grandfather Joseph Hopper was ordained a PCUS minister in Kentucky in 1917. He served as a pastor for several years before traveling to New York City to attend the Bible Teachers’ College (now New York Theological Seminary) in preparation for the mission field. There he met Annis Barron of South Carolina who was also preparing for the mission field. The following notice appeared in the Rock Hill, S.C. newspaper announcing their marriage. Joseph and Annis would move immediately to Korea to serve as missionaries.

The Marriage Tonight

December 18, 1919, The (Rock Hill) Record

Tonight at 6 o’clock, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Barron, the marriage of Miss Annis Barron to the Rev. Mr. Joseph Hopper of Sanford, Ky., will be celebrated.

The following will be the attendants:

Misses Margaret McQueen, of Roland, N.C., Virginia Barron, Margaret Hopper, of Sanford, Ky., sister of the groom, and Maude Barron will be the bridesmaids.

Miss Lottie Barron will be the maid of honor. George Hopper, brother of the groom, will be the best man.

Little Adelaide Miller and William Barron will be the ribbon bearers. W. L. Barron, oldest brother of the bride, will give her away.1 Little Annie Stokes will be the ring-bearer.

The groomsmen will be Lorraine Simril, Dr. R. C. Barron, Earl Barron, Rev. John Golsby and George Hopper, brother of groom.

Miss Anna Roddy Miller will play the wedding march and Mrs. J. Barron Steele will sing just before the ceremony.

The ceremony will be performed by the Rev. Mr. E. B. Hunter, assisted by the Rev. Mr. A. S. Rogers.

  1. Archibald Alexander Barron, father of the bride, had died in 1911. ↩︎