The Deaconship

My edited and newly typeset version of John G. Lorimer’s work The Deaconship is now available in paperback on Amazon. Lorimer was a Church of Scotland minister who joined the Free Church of Scotland when it formed in 1843.

The book includes a forward from Dr. C. Nick Willborn of Covenant PCA in Oak Ridge, TN:

​This little book also sets forth practical good the office can accomplish when rightly distinguished from the office of elder and fully honored through the recognition of and ordination of biblically qualified men. In this area, his work is reminiscent of Samuel Miller’s work on the eldership, especially in his chapter on the distinction between elders and deacons. Although the historical contexts in which Miller and Lorimer wrote are somewhat different, the astute reader will soon realize the abiding benefit this little book can be for the church today due to its historical and biblical faithfulness. With all this in mind, it is a worthy study for students, elders and deacons who love the church as Christ’s beloved bride and wish to serve her faithfully.

Posted on by Tim Hopper