Where Did We Get Individual Communion Cups?

The Missionary Survey was published by the PCUS (Southern Presbyterian) Committee of Publication. This ad ran in Volume XII, Issue 12 published in December of 1922.

Cleanliness Linked With Godliness

The most sacred hour of your religious life–the communion season–should be free from any lurking fear. Yet isn’t there that feeling concerning the common cup among your congregation?

If in your church you had in use the beautiful

Sanitary Individual Communion Service

here illustrated and described, your congregation would appreciate this forward step. These clean, beautiful, individual cups would add to the dignity and solemnity of the celebration.

An Inexpensive Service

The Sanitary Communion Outfit Company provides a tasteful and inexpensive service; the noiseless, highly polished wooden trays for the cups being in keeping with the church furniture. The outfit adds to the beauty, solemnity and repose of the communion service.

A Conservator of Health

Make your communion service not alone an uplifting of the spirit of your community, but a real conservator of the health of your people.

Send for free descriptive booklet with catalogue and prices.

NOTE–In many States the law now forbids the use of the single cup at the communion service. It should not be necessary to await this in your own locality. The old style is unclean and unsanitary. Many thoroughly good Christians have refrained from partaking of communion for this very reason. If you have not yet adopted the modern, sanitary communion cup, let this be one of your first forward steps in 1922.

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