Mission to Korea

Thirty-Eight Years Below the Thirty-Eighth
by Joe B. Hopper

Joe Hopper's memoir (published in 1999) recounting his thirty-eight years as a missionary to South Korea.

I remember one old man in particular. He was about as far gone as any leper I ever saw. His hands and feet were eaten away. He was lame and blind and deaf. His mouth was so diseased he mumbled his answers with difficulty. When I saw him, I thought, "I'll go easy on his examination." But I soon saw that he had a depth of spiritual understanding that one seldom finds anywhere. At the end of the examination I asked him: "What is going to happen to you when you die?" I'll go to be with Jesus," was the answer. "And what kind of a body will you have?"With tears of joy streaming down his face, the old man replied, "Not a miserable body like this one, but a risen, gloried body like that of Jesus."