All That God Has Done

A Summary of the Work of Rural Evangelism
by Joe B. Hopper (1973)

This is a talk Joe gave at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, N.C. which had supported them for many years. He summarizes the life of Joe and Dot in rural evangelist missionary work for their first 25 years in South Korea.

First of all, we are a man and wife team engaged in rural evangelism (as far as I know the only couple in this kind of work). Our city of 300,000 population is the center of a province where 500,000 live. Most of them are rice farmers and it has always been our goal to establish a church within an hour's walking distance of everyone. In some areas this goal has been reached. In our 25 years of service, we have seen the number of churches double once and then double again. They are organized into 4 Presbyteries.