Tirzah Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

From the 1903 Centenial History of the ARP:

Some time previous to 1800, there was a preaching station at Joseph Miller’s, several miles west of where Tirzah church now stands, and there was also an A. R. church at Ebenezer. The attempt to introduce Watts Hymns into the Ebenezer church caused trouble, and those members in Ebenezer who would have nothing but the Psalms, united with these Associates who worshipped at Joseph Miller’s, and organized Tirzah congregation, and located it seven miles south east of Yorkville, on the Yorkville and Landsford road.

The organization was effected about 1803. Rev. Peter McMullen is said to have presided at the organization, and the first elders were: Joseph Miller, Thos. Barron, Samuel Barron and Charles McElwain.

The first church was built of logs. Revs. Wm. Dixon, Eleazer Harris, John Cree, and Isaac Grier, preached as supplies at Tirzah. In 1827, Rev. Wm. M. McElwee was installed pastor of Tirzah and Sharon, and continued until 1832, when he demitted his charge and went North on account of the slavery question. A new house of worship was erected in 1827.

Rev. Thos. Ketchin preached there after Mr. McElwee left. It continued to be an Associate Church until 1834, at which time it came into the A. R. Presbytery of thie Carolinas and Georgia.

Rev. Laughlin McDonald was pastor from Dec., 1839, until Oct., 1851. Rev. S. C. Millen was pastor from 1852 until 1855. In 1857, the church was moved to a more central location, two miles north of where it stood, and was located where the present church now stands.

In 1859, Rev. Robert Lathan, D. D., was installed over Tirzah and Yorkville, and continued until 1884, when he was called to a chair in Erskine Seminary. Rev. J. C. Galloway, D. D., was installed in 1884, and demitted [sic] his charge in 1893. Rev. B. H. Grier was installed in 1894, and resigned in 1901.

A few years ago, a beautiful and modern church building was erected, which is an ornament to the community. Tirzah, like many of our country congregations, has been very much weakened by the removal of many of its members to the towns and cities, but it is still a hale and vigorous congregation. Since Rev. B. H. Grier left, in 1901, this church has been vacant.

The church has published its history in a book.

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