Olivet Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

From the 1903 Centenial History of the ARP:

Olivet church was situated in York Co. S. C., near where the town of McConnellsville now is.

It was organized by the First Presbytery in 1843, although there was preaching there before that time. Rev. R. A. Ross, D. D., was installed pastor in 1843. Dr. Ross had charge of Olivet in connection with Sharon and Smyrna, and the joint service of installation was held at Sharon on Dec. 6th, 1843.

It seems that the church building there was for the convenience of the different denominations living in the vicinity, and many of the friends and supporters of the congregation, and who attended on Dr. Ross’ ministry were not members of the A. R. Church. Dr. Ross continued to preach there until after the Civil War. The war and its results fell very heavily on that community, and after the war the few remaining told Dr. Ross that they were obliged to let him discontinue preaching there.

The members were absorbed in the surrounding churches, and it ceased to be an A. R. church.

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