Neely's Creek Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

From the 1903 Centenial History of the ARP:

The congregation of Neely’s Creek was organized about 1790. On the 8th of June, 1794, Rev. William Blackstock was settled as pastor of Steel Creek, Ebenezer and Neely’s Creek.

This relationship continued until 1804. The churches constituting the charge of Rev. Blackstock were rent by the McMullan-Dixon difficulty and Neely’s Creek, according to Rev. R. Lathan, left the Associate Reformed Church and went into the Associate Presbytery. During its connection with the Associate Church, Neely’s Creek was ministered to by Revs. William Dickson, Abraham Anderson, D. D., Thomas Ketchin, John Mushat, A. Whyte, and supplies sent occasionally from the North.

In August, 1847, Neely’s Creek was organized as an Associate Reformed Church. On the 26th of July, 1849, Rev. R. F. Taylor was ordained and installed pastor of Neely’s Creek. He served until 1851. In the fall of 1853 Rev. L. McDonald was installed as pastor for half time. Rev. McDonald continued as pastor until the fall of 1870.

At a meeting of First Presbytery on 4th Sept., 1871, the united congregations of Neely’s Creek and Union presented a call to Rev. C. B. Betts. He was installed on 3rd of Nov., 1871. This pastorate ended in the fall of 1889. After a vacancy of three years Rev. D. G. Caldwell was installed as pastor. Rev. Caldwell resigned in 1894 and Rev. Oliver Johnson was ordained and installed Oct 18, 1894. The first elders of Neely’s Creek were, Alexander Harberson, Samuel Lusk and Thos. Spencer.

They were succeeded by Thomas Wylie, John Campbell, William Campbell and Jackson Spencer. Since the organization in 1847 the following persons have been inducted into the office of ruling elders in Neely’s Creek congregation: In 1847, Thos. Boyd, John Roddy, William Wylie and Samuel Wylie. In 1849, A. Templeton Black, David Roddy and Jonathan McFadden. In 1857, Matthew S. Lynn. In 1861, David C. Roddy. In 1868, D. T. Leslie and John T. Boyd. In 1874, J. R. Patton, W. W. White and A. J. Walker.

The following constitute the eldership at the writing, 1903: Rev. Oliver Johnson, pastor. Elders, D. T. Leslie, W. White, A. J. Walker, J. T. Ferguson, T. M. Allen, W. S. Leslie, G. A. Gettys, W. S. Boyd, D. F. Leslie.

In 1987, the church published a volume on its history.

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