Hickory Grove Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

From the 1903 Centenial History of the ARP:

For many years previous to the organization of a church at this place, there had been occasional preaching by A. R. P. ministers at Unity, an undenominational chapel, one mile west of the place where the A. R. P. church now stands. With the building of a new railroad through York Co., a village sprang up, which was called Hickory Grove, and with the coming of this railroad came the organization of an A. R. P. church, on Dec. 6th, 1888. The church was organized by Rev. J. C. Galloway in the home of Mr. J. N. McDill, with twenty-nine members, all of them having been transferred from Smyrna. In time a large and handsome church was built. The church was supplied with preaching by Revs. J. H. Peoples, J. B. Cochran and H. R. McAulay. In the fall of 1891, it united with Smyrna in a call for the pastoral services of Rev. J. P. Knox, and he was installed in Dec., 1891 continuing pastor until May, 1899. In March, 1900, Rev. J. L. Oates was installed pastor of Hickory Grove and Smyrna and still continues as pastor. At this time it has grown to be a large and flourishing congregation.

Within a year from this the elders of this church are: J. N. McDill, Moses White, J. W. Castles, J. C. Wylie, J. N. McGill and J. R Mitchell.

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