Ebenezer Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

From the 1903 Centenial History of the ARP:

Ebenezer Church was situated about three miles west of the present city of Rock Hill, in the present village of Ebenezer. It was just across the road from the present Presbyterian Church by that name. It is probable that there was some sort of an organization there in the way of an A. R. P. church during the Revolutionary War, as the Presbyterians date their organization from 1786, and the A. R. Church occupied the place first. It was made up originally of Burghers, Antiburghers, some Presbyterians, and some Covenanters, and was said to have been the only church in all the surrounding country. The wish to introduce the Watts Hymns by a part of the congregation caused trouble, which ended in the formation of a Presbyterian Church and some of the members also joined Tirzah Church.

Dr. Thos. Clark preached there some time as stated supply.

Rev. William Blackstocks was installed May 8th, 1794, in connection with Neely’s Creek, and demitted [sic] his charge in 1804. The records also show that he was again pastor from 1811 until July 12th, 1815. On April 3rd, 1820, Rev. Eleazer Harris was appointed stated supply at Neely’s Creek and Ebenezer, and must have continued to supply the church for a good many years Mr. Harris conducted a very successful High School at Ebenezer, which was largely patronized.

This church appears on the minutes in 1822, as having twenty families and thirty-two members, and the record says it was disorganized about 1828.

The church published a history some years ago.

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