Bethany Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

From the 1903 Centenial History of the ARP:

Bethany Church, in York Co., S. C., owes its origin to the introduction of hymns into the worship of the Presbyterian Churches in the vicinity of Kings Mountain. This innovation caused the withdrawal of a number of families from the Presbyterian Churches These sent Andrew Ferguson and John Miller to a meeting of the Associate Reformed Synod of the Carolinas, held at Black River, in Sumter Co., S. C., asking for supplies.

Rev. James Rogers preached for them for awhile at least. Sometime afterwards they petitioned for the stated labors of Rev. Wm. Dixon, a licentiate of the Associate Reformed body. For eighteen months or more they worshipped in a log cabin on the head of Crowder’s Creek on the skirts of Kings Mountain. The people worshiping at this point, and the people at Sharon and Carmel, united and called Rev. Wm. Dixon, who was ordained and installed at Sharon in the year 1797.

Bethany proper was organized at a stand near the place where the present church now is, in 1797. Bethany enjoyed the services of Mr. Dixon for about thirty-three years. For the most of this time it was in connection with the Associate Synod. After Mr. Dixon’s death, the church was supplied for a few years by Rev. Mr. Banks, but his abolition sentiments made him unpopular, and he returned to the North.

The next pastor of Bethany was Rev. R. C. Grier, D D., who was ordained and installed in June, 1841, and this pleasant and profitable relation continued for seven years. At which time Dr. Grier was called to the Presidency of Erskine College. In 1849 Rev. E. E. Boyce, D D., became pastor and this continued until 1885. During the long pastorate of Dr. Boyce, the church grew and prospered, and continued to be a great force for good in the community.

After Dr. Boyce resigned the church remained vacant for about two years, being regularly supplied with preaching by the Presbytery. In 1887 Rev. R. M. Stevenson, the present pastor, took charge of the church.

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